Holy Bible

We believe that God, (the Holy Ghost) has verbally inspired 66 books of Holy Scripture – 39 Old Testament books and 27 New Testament books. We believe, further, that the God who was powerful enough to INSPIRE these books is powerful enough to PRESERVE them in the form in which He intended us to have them: this “form” is the King James Authorized Version, to the exclusion of ALL other “translations.”

Jesus Christ

We believe that the testimony of these Scriptures clearly indicate that Jesus Christ was God, manifest in the flesh, born of a Virgin, and suffering a Vicarious, Substitutionary death on the Cross, which atoned for the Sins of the World: that He was buried Wednesday afternoon and arose from the dead sometime after 6 p.m. Saturday night. He arose BODILY and literally from the grave, thereby insuring two things – a resurrection FROM the dead for those who believe on Him and receive Him as their Saviour; and a resurrection OF the unsaved dead at the last judgment.


Heaven, for the SAVED, is a literal New Jerusalem supernaturally built; Hell, for the LOST, is a literal Lake of Fire which torments forever.

New Testament

WE believe that Jesus has ascended to the right hand of the Father, which, directionally, is NORTH above the constellations and galaxies. He sent the Holy Ghost, at Pentecost, to represent Him on the earth in this dispensation. Although this dispensation began 50 days after His resurrection, the Gospel of the Grace of God was not revealed until the ministry of the Apostle Paul; the book of the Acts is a transitional book giving the history of the Apostolic times, and the SIGNS and WONDERS in it, (as in Mark 16 and 2 Corinthians 12:12), are limited to the ministry of the Apostles, and not to be confused with the Christian doctrines of Colossians and Ephesians and Philippians.


We believe, further, that the eternal Salvation of the sinner, in this dispensation, is wholly by GRACE through FAITH in the atonement of Jesus Christ, who shed His blood to give as a FREE gift God’s righteousness to ANY sinner who will receive it. We reject, en toto, the entire teaching of Roman Catholicism in regards to this, and hold that neither Baptism in water, nor the taking of Communion is connected in any way, shape, or form with the New Birth, which is a SPIRITUAL regeneration.

Body of Christ

All saved sinners are members of Christ’s Body, the one True Church in distinction from local “Churches.” The one real Baptism is Spirit, and WATER baptism is only a FIGURE, or picture, of this real Baptism.

Second Coming

We believe that the Lord Jesus is to return LITERALLY and BODILY from Heaven to set up a 1000 year, Davidic, Palestinian, earthly, visible, Kingdom at Jerusalem and before this Advent He will catch out His Body – the true Church – and judge it at the “Judgment Seat of Christ.”